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​​​Here are a few notes from course Superintendent Jamie Kwiatkowski:
Summer Projects at Toka Sticks:
As the weather warms up the maintenance crew gets started with several of our regular summer projects:
​- Tree Trimming - Each summer we catch up on any excessive tree growth as well as areas that may unfairly impede with play.
​- Drainage - Throughout the winter and spring we note areas of the course that are constantly wet and holding too much water. We will add drainage in these areas to alleviate the standing water problems.
​- Aerification - We will be aerifiying the greens the first week of June. This process is vital to the overall health of the greens and is one of the reasons the greens were in such great shape all winter and spring.

Here are a few of the special projects for the summer:
​- Cleaning up ponds - We have already started cleaning up the edge of our ponds to create a more uniform edge and improved look.
​- Green expansion - We will continue to improve the areas of greens that we expanded last summer. We have also started the expansion of the 6th green. The green on #6 will now utilize more of the original slopes to create a false front as well as a "ramp" on the back right corner to feed balls back onto the putting surface.
​- Landscape around ponds - As well as cleaning up the edges of the ponds we have also started to create a desert edge to tie in the water and grass. Hole #14 will now have a desert landscape around the east edge of the pond to create a more defined edge from the tee box. We will continue to restrict cart access through any of the fescue and new landscape areas, thank you for your cooperation!
We are constantly striving to improve all areas of the golf course. I am excited about the summer projects and look forward to the feedback this summer and next fall!

​Thank you for playing Toka Sticks!      - JLK
6910 East Williams Field Rd., Mesa, AZ 85212
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